It was the year I got cancer, but just didn’t know it yet.  We had already visited New Mexico, and decided we wanted to try living there for a summer, so we looked for a place to rent in a little town in the high desert that had caught our fancy, after a very brief pass through. I wasn’t able to work, my illness making me unable to stand, sit or walk for any length of time, and always in excruciating pain.  The doctors prescribed ibuprofen and said it would go away.  So I stayed home and read mysteries by Pronzini, looked up autoimmune diseases, and checked out to see what was available where, and which realtor might be interested in the same things we were.

We lucked out, and there were two places available in this area we liked, one in the country, one in the town.  We thought we’d go for the country, but by the time we got back to the realtor, it was taken.  So we went for the other, never knowing that it would become our little dream house.  We bought it while I was in the hospital in California, at the end of that very summer, diagnosed with cancer, and told I wouldn’t live long.  That little adobe house saved me, as I planned where my furniture would go, and what improvements I wanted, to make it the best retirement house ever.

Now I am cancer free, and retired, and even though I still have some back issues that are leftover from the tumor and cancer that was in my bone marrow, I am still planning and thinking about the house, the community, the wonderful friendships, and the sky that draw me to that town in New Mexico.  This blog is my record of the remaining path to living full time in Trail’s End.


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