It Never Made Sense (A Song for Lisa)

This is the song I wrote for my friend who passed away recently.  I hope it honors her memory. She was a vibrant person who lived life enthusiastically, with a sense of humor, with generosity, and with a community of people that loved her dearly.  At her memorial we listened to her articulate husband, daughter, and friends talk about her creative life of writing, art, dance, and travel, being with the family she loved so much, and the caring acts of friendship she so generously gave to all of us. We sang a beautiful chant in a circle together, knowing that she was singing with us.  Ceramic pots were ceremoniously smashed, representing the myeloma cells of her cancer (the same strain of multiple myeloma that I have).  Ironically, her career was  fundraising for research to fight cancer, and she was really, really good at it.  Twenty two years ago we raised our girls together, and then I lost touch with her for a while.  We were just getting back in touch, wondering what in the world we both did to get the same kind of cancer, when her sickness overcame her.  I am certainly not alone in missing her.  I have some comfort in knowing that she had found her soul mate, she was extremely proud of her daughter and step daughter, and she lived every day to the fullest.  I was privileged to be with her during some of her time on earth.

I will put the words below.

She was a pasta queen every evening at our dinner

A fancy dresser, every outfit was a winner

She was great at her job, and she’d travelled to Belize

Had friends in every city and did yoga for world peace.


So it never made sense that cancer struck her down

It never made sense when it hit without a sound

And I can’t help but wonder as my mind drifts off to sleep

Why was it her, not me?    (2nd time:  Is Lisa finally free?  3rd time:  Has Lisa finally found peace?  I think that Lisa’s found peace.)

We each had baby girls, and we raised them both together

Born a few days apart, sisters in all types of weather

We met every week, until it became a trend

I couldn’t have asked for any better of a friend.

She’d suffered, through it with her mom and dad

Was there no peace to be had?

She had some years to play, when treatment worked a slow down

Went back to her life, wasn’t ready for a showdown

Took time to snuggle with her family and her cat

When time came to fight she held tight to all of that

Copyright 2013 Susan Alexander


2 thoughts on “It Never Made Sense (A Song for Lisa)

  1. susandaleal Post author

    Thank you so much, Vanessa. That means a lot to me. I have been struggling with this, and it feels good to have finally been able to say what I wanted.


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