Song for the Grandchild

Well, since I’ve written about both my girls, it only makes sense that I have something for the grandchild in this blog.  So here is the song I’ve finally finished.  I wrote the chorus when he was a baby, and played it for him a lot at the time, but never finished the verses or the bridge.  I decided to do that, and enjoyed thinking of the verses while I was walking the dogs.  Trying to get it all recorded without obvious mistakes was another matter…but here it is:  (Oh yes, Niko is really his middle name.)


Zekie, Niko, Zeko, all our pride and joy

Zekie, Niko, Zeko, our grandson baby boy

We love him (love him), and his sweet smiling face

So happy (happy), he’ll always have a place

In the hearts of all his grandmas, mom and dad and Nonie too,

Our little Zekie’s got enough of good love to see him through and through.

Verse 1:  Zekie loves his robots, and he likes the train

He eats his clams and octopus, prefers tortillas plain.


Verse 2:  Zekie is an architect, he builds a lot with blocks

Helps momma in the garden, helps grandma walk the dogs.

Bridge:    Loves to read a good book, loves to sing a great song

With his tools he can fix things up, every day, all the day long.




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