Celebrations with Food

peaches and cream

Every state has its great food, but I am happy to be here to celebrate my birthdays every year.  For the last four years I tried to be in this area during birthday times, and last year I discovered this pie, the peaches and cream pie baked by Kathy at the Pie-O-Neer Cafe.  It is pretty unbelievable.  We haven’t gotten to celebrate the birthday here yet this year because of transitional challenges, but will do it later this month, with green chile stew and pie and playing music with Kathy and Stan and whoever else happens to be around.  I’m sure we’ll also bring a pie home to share with friends here.  Who needs birthday cake when there’s pie?  Especially when it comes with wonderful, friendly people.

Another adventure is going to get a green chile cheeseburger.  The first time we went, the owner decided he wanted to take a picture of Sarita and put it on the wall with his other famous stars and label it “Whoopie Goldberg.”  Hmmm, the only thing they really have in common is dreadlocks.  It was a good joke though, and he didn’t even recognize her the second time we went.  But the food was really good.

Frito pie has been one of Sarita’s favorites, but since the cafe closed that carries it, we’re going to have to make our own.   She also has a favorite of chicken fried steak, served at the Phillips 66 off the freeway not too far from here.  One breakfast of that gives us enough food for the whole day.  I’m not such a fan, but can find a (different) trucker’s breakfast quite satisfying now and then.

Then there are the other recipes that include some of the great vegetables we’ve been getting from the Bountiful Basket program, and our neighbor’s garden.  It is our goal to grow food as much as possible here, but since we’re kind of late in the year for that, it will mostly be a next year project.  I may be able to get some lettuce and herbs going, but am not counting on much more.

We don’t usually eat out much, but are looking forward to once a week at local places, and soon I’m getting a good stove/oven, so I’m anxious to get back to working on my gluten free baking.  I just have to learn about doing it at high altitudes, that will be my challenge, but I’m definitely up to it.

Sun tea, smoothies, and good old granola continue to be staples.  For some reason, I always have a big container of sun tea in the fridge here, but I’ve never really done that anywhere else.  It is unsweetened, and I get my chemistry thrill by combining different kinds of teabags. I find it is just essential to have on these hot days.

I’m never going to be a person who could take pictures of my dinners, or post what I’ve made anywhere, but I’m happy to post this picture of the great pies at Pietown.  Keep your eyes open for the CBS Sunday morning show with Bill Geist, and there will be a section of it on the Pie-O-Neer Cafe, with folks that were there today being interviewed.  Not us, but we make good background. Eating pie as our appetizer.  Celebrating this move.




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