I have the most lovely life I can imagine.  Because of multiple myeloma cancer, I have retired from teaching elementary school which I did for over 30 years, committed to making sure writing, art and music were part of my students’ experience.  I now have the pleasure of doing the writing, art and music for myself at my home.  I have 3 dogs and a cat who keep me company and make me walk every day.  The rest of that day, barring appointments and errands, I knit and crochet, read, cook, and write songs, letters, journals, and this blog.  I have a wonderful partner who supports me in every way, and great children.  I am also fortunate enough to have a three year old grandson, who is a heck of a personality.  My partner and I are planning to move to a little adobe house in New Mexico as soon as we can figure out all the details, and this blog is my way of getting myself prepared emotionally and mentally for such a move.  As you’ll see, I give my thoughts on many aspects of life, and am so appreciative of the love and generosity of others as well as the complications of the universe that have helped me learn and understand so many things (with so many things yet to learn…).  I hope you enjoy it, or at least parts of it.  I have such satisfaction in writing it.

Susan Alexander


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